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During her long retreats, Paula took 8 Mahayana Precepts every day that forbid singing and dancing. As someone who was born to sing and dance, after a few months, she realized that she could sing dharma instead of worldly songs. Lorne Ladner offered her his guitar before starting retreat which she kept under her tiny bed in the 7×7 ft. (2.1 meters) retreat hut.

One day a song was born after her meditation session, then another and another. Lama Zopa encouraged her to record them with George Galt and a band. Years later, the recording karma ripened with the help of Scott Tusa, who was a young recording engineer at the time working at a studio in San Francisco. Everyone volunteered their time on those two projects. David Gould put them on SoundCloud in 2016.

This space will be used to share Paula’s songs and instructional videos such as Chi Gong and Six Yogas of Naropa whenever they become available. Other chi gong videos are available on YouTube. Lee Holden’s Chi Gong videos are very good. For Video and Audio recordings of Paula’s teachings please visit this page.

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