Brave View refers to the courageous compassion and wisdom that inspires us to act to aid the well being of others. In particular, the view refers to the Middle Way world view of the Buddhist philosophical tradition. Brave View website is dedicated to supporting Braeview Hermitage, a cottage in remote Shetland where people come to rest from the busy world, to generate and regenerate their Brave View. The site also provides downloadable documents, recommended reading, videos and audio from Buddhist teachers, particularly those of Paula Chichester and her remarkable teachers.

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Paula’s Teaching Schedule

Please visit individual centre websites for further information about each event. Thank you.

White Tara- Bi-monthly meditations hosted online by Christine Toscano: 1st Tuesday of the month. Please contact Christine via email to join. Email

White Tara – Bi-monthly meditations hosted by Land of Joy, Hexham, UK:  3rd Wednesday of the month. Please contact Land of Joy.

Introduction to Mahamudra hosted by Gendun Drupa Centre, Switzerland 14th May – 16th May: Recordings now available in Recordings & Transcripts. 

Green Tara Residential Retreat at Kalachakra Retreat Centre in France: June 3rd – 6th

Deepening the Vajrayogini Experience hosted by Institut VajraYogini, France: June 14th – 20th: Recordings are now available via Institut VajraYogini

Celebrating Independencehosted by Tse Chen Ling, San Francisco, CA, USA: July 4th 

Approaching the Tara Experience – Green Tara hosted by Lama Yeshe Ling, Burlington, Ontario, Canada: July 17th -18th – 3 to 4:30 pm GMT.

Demystifying Tantra hosted by Lhagsam Tibetan Meditation in Zurich, Switzerland: August 11th to September 15th WEDNESDAY EVENINGS 7:30 TO 9 PM EUROPE TIME.

Introduction to Mahamudra: hosted online by Ösel Ling in Spain: September 10th -12th

Green Tara weekend: hosted online by Khamlungpa Center in Guadalajara, Mexico: September 18th -19th. 

Green Tara and Mahamudra: hosted online by Kalachakra Center, Paris, France: October 23rd -24th

Three Principal Aspects of the Path by Je Tsongkhapa hosted by Shantideva Center, New York City, USA: December 5 & 12 – 10:30am–12pm EST

In 2022, Paula will be in retreat May through to end of September. Please refer any teaching inquiries for 2022 onwards to Andrea Bridger at